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Goalistic Thinking is a philosophy that was developed by Arne Garvi. It is applicable on individuals, groups, organizations and societies. It has been made available to the business community by Unilogo since the company was founded in 1987.

Courses on Goalistic Thinking

For many years, Unilogo has held courses in Goalistic Thinking to organizations and individuals. Many of the participants from Unilogo's early years still testify as to the significance of these courses for their professional and personal lives.

Now that two thought-provoking books on Goalistic Thinking have been published, we are launching a new series of courses on Goalistic Thinking. The aim is to help people understand and apply the philosophy to their professional and personal situation.

We offer a range of courses that apply Goalistic Thinking to organizational life. Such courses include workshop elements that are tailor-made for maximum relevance to the client's reality. They are designed for various groups of participants - including exclusive executive courses - depending on the client's need and situation.

Courses are held upon request. Click here for more information.

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