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Goalistic Analyses

Our goalistic analyses give clarity as to what is important and significant. They enable a fruitful dialogue with internal and external stakeholders around strategic issues and their implications.

These analyses are on a high level and are communicated in a graphical language.

Organism Map

This analysis provides a clear and comprehensive view of visionary and strategic elements so that they may be effectively communicated and implemented. It is a valuable guide for such situations which call for an awareness of intended purpose and orientation.

The organism map provides a solid and effective platform for building business in an organic way.

It is delivered in multiple formats depending on the desired use.

Candidate Overview

This instrument is designed to give decision-makers a clear overview of various alternatives that are screened for strategic decisions such as investments, new product lines, partnerships etc. It makes the most of input from experts and specialists as this is translated into a common language.

Weighing in a variety of dimensions, a candidate overview lets the 'best horse win', allowing for high-quality decisions with a common understanding.

Pilot Cards

A set of pilot cards gives a multidimensional view of the unique profiles and perspectives of various team members.

This instrument enables a manager or a group to assemble and re-assemble a team effectively in relation to situation, other team members, and task at hand.

With this method, the natural friction between individual perspectives brings team output to a whole new level.

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