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Goalistic Teambuilding

Goalistic Teambuilding aims at establishing an organic structure that can bring out the best in a crew of people with unique profiles and perspectives. Such organic interaction is particularly crucial at the top management level. Which is why our approach is to start at the strategic core by working with key individuals and executive teams.

Interaction Workshops

The interaction workshop is a full day workshop with two team members, based on prior goalistic analyses.

This workshop allows the participants to see both potential benefits in combining their perspectives, as well as points of friction that will easily arise. This generated insight is summarized in a unique set of keys for effective interaction.

The interactive workshop is a powerful method for making full use of a team. This instrument turns 'virtual teams' that are geographically dispersed and culturally diverse into a working reality.

The interactive workshop is a constructive and effective approach to working relationships with poor or bad chemistry.

Customized Workshops

With the goalistic analyses in place we can tailor workshops to the client's particular needs and situation.

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